A Made-Up Name

a poem by Betty Janko, USA

My mother was born the sixth of eight children
She was born on Christmas Eve long years ago
They needed a name for the new addition
So, they had a contest with prizes to show.

When the entries were tallied, the choices made
Her name was Holly, for the season you see
Her middle name was made up, and missed the grade
And my father made her give that one to me.

She hated it, and forgot how to spell it
And I did the same for I hated it so
It has been the secret I tried to forget
Made every effort to never let it show.

Don’t give your children an embarrassing name
Or you’ll spend a lifetime enduring the blame!

* This is a true story. I have spent a lifetime hiding my middle name, and my mother did the same. It will probably show up on my death certificate, but by then I won't care!

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