January Alliteration.

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

Jubilant January jokers, jostle joyfully
and jog jaywalking jerks! Juggling jerkily.
jealous jabbering jocks, jump in to join
jovial jackanapes, Jarvis and Josephine.
Joking with junkyard junkies, Joyce, Julian.
Jonathon, Jerry and Jasmine join Jedro,
to justify Juliet as a junior jury jurist.
just then Jim and Joe, join jittery Jasper,
whose jargon with Justin, Jenny and Jack,
jeers at the Jamaican jamboree jiver Jessie!
Jitterbug jumpstart John, joshes jocose Jimmy
to jettison his jacket, as Jack and Jill, jeer Jane,
joyriding with Jeremiah in Judy`s Jaguar jalopy!
Jester Jude`s jaded jeans: Joshua`s jodhpurs,
jazzy jersey, and jagged Judaean jewellery,
just junk - jangles near Jacob’s jowls.
Jovial journalists joke with juvenile Jayne,
as Jordanian jezebel Jennifer, sings jingles,
whilst jailbirds jam jetsetters, jurists, and
jealous jaunty janitors jest on the jetty!
Jumping Jehosphat! Frigid January`s cold,
jeopardizes jars of July`s Jacaranda jam,
and jugs of Jasmine’s jungle juniper juice.
In just a jiffy it’s jumbo, junket jelly!

Rhymer. January 14th, 2017.
A little exercise in alliteration to keep my
little grey cells, fine tuned! Lol.

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