Words My Mother Said! Take II - Musketeer Challenge for January 2017.

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

No frog, no snake nor toad,
from the field or the road!
No field mouse or mangey rat!
No squirrel, hedgehog or bat!
No squawking fledgling bird,
fresh fallen from its crowded nest!
Some of Mother’s litany of “Do Nots,”
and I quickly found it was best,
not to put her patience to the test!
I’d try to humour her in every way,
but should I not do so? I’d rue the day!
Hers was never a polite request,
but an order simple and direct!
Should I perhaps choose to disobey?
What punishment could I expect?
Firstly, along with her sternest look,
came a resigned, deepening frown!
Next my pants were pulled down,
and my backside was soundly spanked!
Not so hard it would hurt too much!
For seldom was hers an angry touch,
however I, having defied her strict rules,
knew her avowed intention was such,
that this was my reward for disobedience!
She, by reinforcing rules, with her hand,
always hoped to make me understand,
the rules she made were the law!
At least within the house she ruled!
No one dared - and me least of all,
to defy her firmly spoken word!
Once I was held securely in her grasp,
she’d guarantee every word was heard!
Later, when from work, Dad came home,
he’d hear about my day’s misdemeanours.
Then chuckling he’d say, “Boys will be Boys!”
An attitude that seldom echoed hers!
I loved to cuddle my ferret Willy who,
was an animal possessing a pungent Pooh!
Mother, after sniffing loudly, would say,
take your dratted pet ferret, far away!
He’s possessed of the strongest pongs,
and the house is not where he belongs!
But Willy, by far my closest friend,
would, upon hearing her raised voice,
take fright, and knowing he had little choice,
would cuddle closer inside my shirt,
hoping I’d protect him from all hurt!
He possessed no smell that I a kid
could detect, as my Mother did!
But what else would you expect?
I was naught but a rebellious kid!
Today? I’d dearly love to hear her say:
Please Denis, do be a good boy today.
Her rules, which I once considered severe,
did made sense, and yes, I’d love to hear
again those firmly spoken words, from
my Mother. Much loved and remembered well.
One that was a lady, I’ll hold ever dear.

Rhymer. January 21st, 2017.
(Inspired by the short poem which Nishu wrote on the same topic)

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