Sir Humpty’s Revenge

a poem by Dwayne Leon Rankin, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

Sir Humpty of the Dumpty, their friend was now gone,
Found lying beside a stone wall.
For there he would go when needing to sit,
Not thinking he ever would fall.

The people all round, they thought they could help,
So no one was held there to blame.
They sat all around and cried for their loss,
For this, a sad and crying shame.

For Humpty, by all, was thought a good egg.
A jolly good fellow by all was said.
‘Twas good and kind, not one to wise crack,
Until he fell and cracked his poor head.

Then all from around, they paid their respects,
Each taking a bit of him home.
A mouthful by all, they each took a bite
Seasoned just right, that light eggy foam.

His funeral was kept in the great dining hall,
Of the king, so wise, they thought was he.
They each took a bite to remember him by,
And then to the bathroom did flee.

For little they knew, of how rotten he was,
The troubles, from this, that would stem.
They forgot of his penchant for practical jokes,
Thus his final one then fell on them.

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