Fun Alliteration For February

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

For fickle February fun, Freddie Firestone fiddles furiously for
frantic firemen fighting fires! A fine, First Class fiddler for sure,
faithfully following faultless falsetto, whilst Ferdinand and Frank,
fight footling, falderal and fearsome footballers for future fame!
Foolhardiness, forever a forbidding fetish, finds fickle Flora Foster,
floundering flat footed forsooth, from frantic Flossie, who fortuitously
flounces fuzzy, furry furbelows for family, with five friendly
four footed friends! Forceful feminine felines fishing for flattery!
Fortunately, Francis and Francesco fraternising flamboyantly,
forego festivities of flaming fireworks, frequently frequenting fiestas!
Fumbling Francine figures to fashion frilly feminine figurines for foreigners
in feminine filigree flummery, whilst Felix fools feverishly for feckless
female folks! Franco features fresh fruity flavoured figs flipped freshly
on fried fanciful fricasseed fondue foods, fancied favourites of fools!
A fantastic fantasy, finagled by freckled Fabian, who fabricates foolish
fables for fulsome Fatima, frolicking and fraternising with famous farmstead
fauna, foraging in favoured forest fairings! Fifty Fieldfares and Falcons,
fly frequent forays from fieldstone fencing, for fluorescent flukes found
in flowers for feeding flighty fledglings! Fecund Fleabane, Flaxseed,
Fennel and Fuchsias - fragrant flowers forever fascinating florists
with fulsome fragrances in fogbound Fens. With a flurry of facetious
fantails flying by in formation, finally my February alliteration ends!

Rhymer. February 6th, 2017.

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