The making of a Love story

a poem by Elizabeth Grace Shearer, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

Life can move so fast when you find that other
The person who means the most, your best friend and your lover
One day you are wondering, where your life will lead
Then in the blink of an eye, you’re moving at full speed

It started with a smile and a cheeky dinner date
Not really sure of names but it sure as heck felt great
While everyone was drinking and dancing rather drunk
Sat quietly in the corner we conversed then out we slunk
Continuing our talking till the early hours of day
Giggling and laughing, I wanted him to stay
But we both had early mornings so we said goodbye
Not without plans for coffee, even if a little shy

That night I kept on smiling, I really couldn’t stop
It was so long since I'd laughed so much, it made my belly flop
But I was happier than I could imagine, the way he made me feel
Could this really be happening, could my heart he steal

We met up for coffee, nervous I talked too much
But as times gone by it wasn’t nervousness as such
He listened quite intently and answered in perfect time
If that didn’t scare him off, I thought maybe he could be mine
Much to my delight he wanted to meet once more
This time to the cinema, such a gentleman held the door
The hesitations I’d been feeling were now starting to melt
My past felt far behind me and I was ready to move full pelt

That evening he dropped me home, it was cold and very late
I said goodbye and went inside thinking what a lovely date
But then came the message that made my heart smile
Will you be my girlfriend, of course, I'd been hoping for a while

The very next morning, I was on a train back up north
Feeling very excited but not sure how we would go forth
As I arrived home, friends and family galore
Asked a million questions, how long you known him for
Slightly overwhelmed but glad they cared a lot
But after a few days felt like I was losing the plot
That’s just the beginning, though when I arrived back
Meeting friends and family, they put us on the marriage track

Spent Christmas day together and it felt completely right
Despite being away from family there wasn’t a tear in sight
It’s been a few weeks now since we got together
2 months today in fact but it feels like it’s been forever

So this is how it began, the story of our meeting
Thank goodness for his gentlemanly greeting
Who knows what the future holds, the places and the people
You never know, might even involve a steeple.

Guess what...

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