”…Treasures Beyond Measure”

a poem by Elizabeth Padillo Olesen, Denmark

Statue of Liberty -
welcoming strangers,
the poor, the tired
after their long journey
to the portals of freedom on earth.

March on the streets -
airing out voices of protest
to be counted in history
to uphold and protect innate freedom
of everyone, and not only for Americans.

Social media -
denounced as Fake News
but continues to persist and insist
Its role to give a glimpse of truth
and not an alternative truth.

Satire and comedies -
bring us back to life,
to laugh and giggle at what is bizarre
and idiotic in humans, even among
the powerful; keeping us laughing
to ease the atmosphere of uncertainty and fear.

February 16, 2017
author's response to the 75th title challenge by Betty Janko. Thanks.

“A Solitary Figure on the Shore “
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