75th & 74th Challenge Compilation - The Old Man By The Sea

a poem by Kenneth Malvyn Clark, UK

The Old Man By The Sea

Time marches relentless in its onset into
eternity, days months years fall slain
by the wayside as it cruelly strips away
life’s pretence and vanities day by day.
Eyes once twixt the palest colour of sapphire
and emeralds no longer glint in the morning
sun like sparkling diamonds as I watch the
awakening majesty of a new day dawning.
The manmade lustre of pearls smile from a
face beaten by time as I hear my heart beat,
feel life flow through my veins still red as a
bloodstone ruby in rhythm to the seas retreat.
Breezes ruffle salt and pepper hair no more
like burnt topaz as I contemplate the richness
of my life, watch the turquoise waters ebb
and flow like moments of pain and happiness.
All too soon these precious moments maybe
laid forfeit to the invaders of mind and body
that cares not who I am or that these my
treasures beyond compare are the soul of me.
My back pains as a veined gnarled hand stoops
to gather a glistening shell, watery grey eyes
watch the waves pound the crumbling cliffs as
the tide turns and rain falls from darkening skies.
I look around a solitary figure standing on the
shore in the wind swept breath of a morns glory,
hear words my father told me that only time and
the sea is eternal, that all else is but momentary.
The thrown shell disappears beneath the waves to
whence it came as I button my coat and turn away,
the sand crunches beneath my feet to the shrieking
of gulls, by God’s grace, I will return another day.

In response to Denis & Bettys request

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