a poem by Edwin Keith Jepson, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

A conveyor belt passes opposite me,
Transporting tons of coal,
I walk down a dim-lit gallery,
To face a challenging role ,
I'm loaded with equipment ,
Powder bag and all ,
Other men walk along side me ,
Some of their names I recall,
It's an early monday morning,
The time is six o clock,
Another week has just begun,
And we'll be shifting coal and rock,
Nothing seems to amaze me ,
You're hardened to every task,
The atmosphere's no stranger,
You're hidden behind a dust-mask,
Your water bottle is precious,
A cheese sandwich is as well,
And they will be your snap-time ,
But it's better than being in 'Hell',
When your shift is over ,
Once again you see daylight,
And that's a refreshing feeling,
Followed by a peaceful night ,

AUTHOR ,Edwin Jepson,
February 17th 2017 ,

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