Cant wake up

a poem by Elizabeth Grace Shearer, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

I'm living in a dream or maybe its a nightmare
All I want to do is scream but is anybody out there
Every second is a battle, every moment there's a choice
People farmed like cattle, no-one has a voice

This world is full of fear, everywhere you go
through glasses that aren't clear, tainted with a red glow
the blood of generations often spilt in vain
becomes the platform of tolerance for violence and pain

You turn on the television and corruption is the norm
the rich are getting richer while the poor learn to conform
So much injustice but government don't want to know
they refuse responsibility, too busy smoking blow

The human race are numbers, just statistics on a page
people's feeling don't matter as long as they earn a wage
A world driven by money, greed fuels empty lives
plunging people into debt like murderers with knives

Wars fought by soldiers standing up for what is right
meanwhile wealthy politicians fight for oil in the night
When our boys come home we have nothing to give
no housing, no support - no help with how to live

So many judging people who think they know it all
standing in the shadows waiting for the curtain call
but what they don't realise in their selfish thought
they are crushing people's dreams, things that cant be bought

There are fights over religion, who's Gods worth dying for
lines of accusation just fuel angry mobs some more
The world is falling apart but this time I cant awake
I thought perhaps it was a dream but that was my mistake.

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