International Womans Day

a poem by Elizabeth Grace Shearer, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

Today you may be on top off the world
Or perhaps you’re feeling a little down
Laughter and smiles with toes tight curled
Or sadness and tears shown through a frown
Today may just feel like any other
Going about your daily routines
That may be as a wife or mother
Or a young girl wishing to be out of her teens

Today you smiled as you walked past the glass
But the truth for many, it didn’t sit well
Perhaps you’re fighting each day, hoping it will pass
Or you woke up this morning feeling quite swell
Today you’re at the office with meetings all day
or maybe collecting firewood so your family can eat
Perhaps you were at home, desperate to get away
Or at your desk in school, learning historical defeat

Today there are people dying, perhaps someone you love
Whether in war-torn countries or the safety of home
The grief and worry is too real, it affects far above
But life goes on, though it weighs like a stone
Today the sun is shining or for others there is rain
considering responsibilities as the day goes by
From city blocks to mountain tops, no one knows your pain
The hardship of being a woman, none of us understand why

There is beauty in your struggling, hope in your despair
As women we join together and as one we can stand
The heartache that we hide in a world so unfair
A bond between women unbroken by sea or by land
Today we celebrate women of every colour and creed
Looking past the hardships, the good days and the not so much
Not for the work you do or the way you meet our need
But simply for whom you are your ultimate womanly touch

So today you may be struggling for one reason or another
To you, I say never give up, your part of something bigger
Or today may be celebration; perhaps you’ve met your lover
Equally,do not worry; you too are a respected figure
Ladies whatever today brings, whether it’s bad or good
International Woman’s day means you are understood.

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