Random Terror.

a poem by Mark Ainslie, UK

Random terror

How many more times will we hear disturbing news,
Of awful acts carried out with destructive views.
Ideas of political or religious vengeance to uphold,
With the loss of innocent life,The grim statistics unfold.

Indiscriminate plans to cause maximum devastation,
Hateful act creating hostile condemnation,
Not a second thought for lives ruined or lives lost.
They must not succeed or gain credence at any cost.

No forgiveness for Reckless insanity,
Unjust attack defies logic and humanity.
Gaining a place in hell's hall of fame,
Nothing but vilification and contempt to gain.

Can never comprehend how vicious man can be,
Gross disrespect to mankind, abhorrent to see.
The precious gift of life we lead from day to day,
Is not lived to be ended in that awful way.

Copyright Mark Ainslie 2017.

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