Word of God

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

Word made the world,
Word said and it was done,
Word is the beginning and the end,
Word is the essence of love.

In the beginning, was the Word,
And the Word was God,
All things were made,
As ordained by the Lord.

Word became flesh,
And dwelt with us,
We beheld His glory,
He dwelt with us.

Adam the supreme creation of God,
Faltered as he ate the fruit,
Second Adam came to rescue,
He had to all sins refute.

I worship the second Adam,
For he is the son of God,
To save his breath from perishing,
He sent His Son Our Lord.

Human wisdom fails to understand,
Why should such a price be paid,
To save the breath,
You sacrifice the Lord of all.

No man will ever understand,
The depth of my saviours' Love
To save the breath,
He sacrificed his son.

Love can not be counted,
No limits exist in the same,
No human will ever understand,
For none can fathom it's, domain.

Look and be whole
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In your hand I leave myself
Let me tell you
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