April Fools

a poem by Dwayne Leon Rankin, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

He awoke this morning within the light
Of the sun that shone so bright.
At last, at last, it has come to be,
The first day of the year.

The day was warm and cheery out
The sun was warm this day to tout.
Spring was here for all to see,
Within the shining atmosphere.

He got on up and shouted LOUD,
Happy New Year, to the crowd.
A day to stop and have some fun,
On this bright new years day.

His family stopped and glared at him,
Giving all, those looks found grim.
All wishing that this day was done,
Or maybe it would go away.

His mother looked at him and said,
“You know it’s not” as she shook her head.
“But it used to be” he added fast.
As he looked at Dad, with head hung low.

His dad just sighed, and said “Now son...”
That’s all said and then was done.
He thought then of this night now past,
And his smile upon his face did glow.

If they all thought of him as fool
Yes still he knew himself as cool.
With April first now come around,
His greeting then, made them forget.

A fool he? They thought it true,
His smile then, it grew and grew.
That name upon them would rebound,
With them not knowing of the threat.

And then they heard an awful shriek,
And then she came, his face to seek.
“Oh Mother, look what he has done,
My shoes, he filled with facial cream.

He gave to her his guiltless look,
His eyes both wide, his head he shook.
With words soft spoke, his story spun,
Within his eyes a mischievous gleam.

“But Mom” he said, “you surely don’t think,
OH not today, why that would stink.”
I want this year to start off right,
It’s New Year’s Day, You’ve not forgot.

He hung his head and squeezed a tear,
“Oh what a way to start the Year”.
He wiped his face, those tears to fight,
The eyes of then his brother, sought.

Who they all heard then laughing out,
“April Fools” he then did shout.
But then when they all looked at him,
All he could say was “No, Not me!!!”

His brother then was sent upstairs
Scowling then at all the stares.
His sister then, her face still grim,
Muttering then, “Boy, he will see!!!”

An hour later, the one came down
Wearing there a frightful frown.
Oh Dad, oh dad, she’s done it now,
I’ll get her back, today I will.

Then through that day, each pranking hour
He gave to each his new year’s dower.
They all survived that day somehow,
With laughter heard, their day was filled

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