I hide the truth in chocolate drops

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

I am not a social reformer,
That I, be beaten by stones,
I hide the truth in chocolate drops,
Bitter should not be known.

Don't eat these chocolates,
The bitter truth will ooze out,
You will understand reality,
The bitter tongue will be found.

I tell you just pass by,
Scroll down don't waste time,
Only the wise can understand it,
Why should others waste their time?

I cover the truth as people hide gold,
I cover all that is right,
Or it may offend the state,
It may me then smite.

Let the world live in ignorance,
Let it go on,
Why call the naked? naked,
Let it be just gone.

Note: I wish to inform all my dear readers that our freedom of speech and expression is being curtailed. As a poet, I see it is very wrong. In this poem, the poet covers the truth to such an extent that the truth succumbs miserably.

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Facts of life
Let me tell you
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