The Dark Side

a poem by Mike DeVincenzi, USA

The dark side of life won’t capture me; I must always strive to be bright
Despite all the miseries people lay on me, I must gravitate toward the light

People on the dark side are selfish, and only for themselves do they care
They often have me perplexed, looking into my yard in a stare

They love to sting and anger a person, bringing a person into their mix
They love it when they agitate you, for them it is their fix

It is easy to brought in for I need company and love, but there is pain
I never listen too close to them because darkness can only make a person insane

The Lord can ease the negative feelings, and help avoid the dark side of life
In the place I pick for comfort, I can find some peace in the strife

But I must be vigilant, and be prepared for the dark people, for they come like a thief in the night
I won't let the dark side grab a hold for it may leads drugs and a deadly fight

Fight your peaceful battle, know when to lay down your arms, and rest
I won’t win every situation but I will stay away from the dark side and do my best

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