An April Anecdotal Alliteration

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

.As April arrived and advanced, affable accountant adviser Angus, agreed to address and advise acturqaries, after assessing and adapting accurate and astute accountancy appurtenances, and ascertaining all available assessable assets were assembled ad-hoc!Acidic adjudicator Andrew admonished Albert and Alfred after they’d annotated assets for an ancient altruistic, and angered another acrimonious, avaricious agent! They adversly ascertained accrued, appropriate details about ancestral antiques, and amused an audience with anecdotal asides! Angus was also aware his assistants had also appended associated accounting articles, and adversely applied them to audit actualities!

Adventurous academic and amiable associates Arnold, Alice and Anne, accompanies Alfred and Archie - assembled aft - who were apprehensive of atmospheric anomalies, although they were appreciatively aware, active alternative arrangements were available if needed. Always acceptable as an agreeable, all around adequately accommodating arrangement! Astern, Andy accompanied apprehensive Australian and Austrian Ambassadors, Alfonso and Arbuckle -albeit ambiguously, and au-pair Avril and Adelaide, as they ambled aimlessl.y along antiquated Arcadian and Arabian arcades, after avidly ascertaining and acquiring available artefacts as anniversary gifts! Assuming an air of artlessness, audacious Abraham and atrabilious Augustine, argued and agonized about avant-garde art, artistes, Aboriginal artisans, along with an assorted abundance of associated aspects and antecedents of artistry. Agreed at any time as an absurd and asinine argument!

After anxious army adjutants and auxiliary Aides arbitrarily arranged an Armistice, and all adversaries had amicably accepted an amiable agreement, awkard amnesty arrangements awarded aligned against another amassed assembled of antagonistic and angry alien antipathetic assailents, adverse to the agreement, allowed assembled armaments to ambulate assidiously and assuredly along arterial avenues. A course arbitrators had awarded as appropriate. Assembled Axis armies were ambushed and attacked by Allies again, as seen by an alert attendant audience. Alleluia and Amen!

Rhymer. April 11th, 2017.

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