a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

My ignominy travelled faster than I,
Before I could knock the door,
It struck as a lightening,
From the sky.

I wondered at its incredible speed,
Faster than the speed of lightening,
Burning every obstical in it's path,
My ignominy has now struck me.

It's trying to burn out my heart,
Yet I am connected,
With a wire of Faith,
My Copper lies in The Cross.

Let me knock at the door of my Savior,
For He knows where the fault lies,
Even if the fault lies in me,
He will forgive as I cry.

- Note : The poem that you just read is in reality a poem that I wrote when I was working at Christian Medical Association.
- In this poem you see the poet knock at the door of his officer, but before the poet reaches bad name reaches faster.
- Yet the poet is able to withstand the darts of evil one as he is attached to the Lord through faith.
- His copper lies in the cross.
- In the end you see the poet turning to the door of God himself through prayer.

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