Laugh and the world laughs with you (76th Musketeers poetic challenge)

a poem by Dale Costello, Australia - poetry writer, author, poet

the fine subtle art
of poetic comedy
cue the Benny Hill theme
get out the footy
we are old
or younger days have passed
we are slower
while the world spins just as fast

the first bounce
and the game begins
the umpires' whistle poised
to condemn all sins
a perfect tap
to the opposition rover
and yet a blade of grass
manages to trip him over

the first quarter lingers
thank god for no time off
the over thirty-fives
take time to laugh and scoff
but in no time at all
they'll be playing with us
and their ambulance
is filled to bust or bus

the goals are few
and the kicks not as long
yet those sent true
are met with hearty song
and half-time comes
to great applause
it's not about winning
it's about being outdoors

the third-quarter is tough
just like we used to be
and the full forward shivers
with the need of a pee
the midfielders pant
and the defenders complain
while the umpy once more
shows his lack of a brain

finally the last quarter arrives
and beers come to mind
as we search for the ball
that we never seem to find
we've played the best team
and only gone down by a few
but we had a good laugh
and the world laughed with us too..

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