a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

Act as if you never knew,
Act as if you were unaware,
World lives this way always,
Now please do not stare.

That's how you act wise,
Or they'll consider you other wise,
Use words after giving a thought,
It is the council of the wise.

Can you walk out naked,
Of course not, so wear a mask,
I tell you or you'll be caught,
Cover up, it's a much needed task.

May be in the garden of Eden,
Man learned the art to hide,
He realized he was naked,
For which God provided him hide.

Hide all that is offensive,
Hide all that falls out of line,
Hide all the feelings,
Hide even what is right.

Note:- This poem talks about how we all speak only what is acceptable. We hide our feeling and our thoughts to such an extend that they remain buried always.

If all men sins
Facts of life
If all men sins
All my poems
Easter blessings

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