A Better Place

a poem by Mike DeVincenzi, USA

Let me leave this world and its troubles behind
A place where there is no meanness all experiences are kind

A place where people don’t crave attention so much that they will kill
A place where you can give a friendly hug that is not a thrill

A place where people never get down and feel pain so don’t have to get high
A place where things can only be true and there is never a lie

A place where the meek are strong and shall inherit the earth
A place where people can only be happy and are always full of mirth

A place where all people are equal and none are above
A place of no hatred where all you can feel is love

A place where you need nothing because you have all you need
A place where there is no a reason for malice or greed

Let me leave this life, when the time, for an everlasting home
A better place where is Lord is, and Satan is tied down and cannot roam

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