Reaping Of Mistake

a poem by Jonah Abuoma Jonah, Nigeria

Forgive us Lord
Your hasty poor kids
Mercy us for its a mistake
of the word change but chain.

We crave for change
But are reaping in chains
And suffers in vain.
Yes we wanted Mr Right
But today in agony we writhe.
How long will it be?

Patriotism in jingoism
Bereft of hope.
All promises built in heavy sarcasm
Have been dislodged from
political patriotism to
sarcastic jingoism.
From jingoic happiness
To sarcastic joy
From negative relax
To positive destruction.
From singing sweet songs
To humming in frustration
From adder development
To rattle destruction
Wearing sardonic smile
Of his profiteering proforma .

We must be banned from
Greek propitiatory offer
For it coax and reek mind.
Must the past descend on the
We must stop digging into yesterday.

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