The value of a life?

a poem by Elizabeth Grace Shearer, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

How do you weep for one not the other
How do you choose a child or a mother
Is one part of the world of greater importance
That’s how It looks, for some there is no chance

Does France mean more than Somalia or Syria?
Are their lives more valuable because they are white?
I think that’s not the case, you’re not knowingly racist
But give me a reason as to why it’s alright?

Yes it is tragic whenever life is lost,
I’m not saying one life is worth more than another’s
In fact that is my point; we are all worth the same
But why do we not mourn for all of our brothers?

Is it just ignorance? it’s not in our back yard?
Or is it guilt because we see how we’ve defiled
A shooting in France perhaps out of our control
But a famine in Somalia, cholera claims another child?

Diseases we have conquered west of the world
Yet still claiming lives, just not one of ‘ours’
Its too much to think about, the hurt we unfurled
But still nothing happens, minutes pass to hours

In honesty I don’t know, iv not got the answers
But in my heart It somehow feels wrong
That one set of lives breaks my heart more than others
How do we act so weak when we speak so strong

As a society we are not held to account
For the things we could be doing, the things we have done
Instead we rejoice in our western ways
Reaping the rewards of our ancestors sons

Perhaps im foolish for thinking this way
Or maybe iv realised the role I must play
I really don’t know but one thing must stay
The hope that I have, for a difference one day

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