My little brother ( The 77th challenge)

a poem by Westly Alexander Shaw, USA

I have a little brother who's never perfect,
in fact he is as imperfect as brothers
can be. And oh yes, does he bug me !
He is always borrowing my clothes to
play dress up in, and leaves them laying
in the mud.
He always use' s my toothbrush to comb
his midnight colored, silky hair, and
the dog poo off his shoes.
He's always buzzing by with his tiny plane,
or cars no bigger then my thumb. Stealing
all my friends attention with his huge
Jack- O-Lantern smile.
He snores so loudly at night that the neighbors
call and complaint. Then in the morning as ham ,
and eggs drifted in the air , he gets there first,
an takes out his pink, sandpaper tongue ,
and licked everything before I even get a bite.
What bugs me most about my little brother ,
is now that I'm in college, he is out bugging
someone else, and not me!.
I don't know much, but I know I love my little brother!
However, let's keep this a secret , between you and me!

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