Marijuana Cannabis

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

I want a freedom fighter,
To fight within this land,
There are a number of perverted,
Who in prison should land?

They are selling our future,
Selling our children weed,
No, they have no wisdom,
To them, money is their Creed.

In the garden I see,
Youngsters smoking weed,
Maybe I see too much,
Much more than I need.

Have you seen someone,
Smoking a joint,
Did you ignore it,
I tell that's the point.

We need a great fighter,
To save my motherland,
Our children will turn out to be druggy
Why don't you understand?

Save them they our future,
Don't make money your God,
One day we will have to answer,
In front of the throne of the Lord.

Concrete jungle
Facts of life
Sometimes you realize
He is my bliss
All my poems
I don't know much (77 challenge)

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