Can't Pay Then We'll Take It Away

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

If you can’t pay, they’ll take it away
High Court Enforcement, have the final say
Turn up at your door, during the day
Of sunshine they aren’t, a beaming ray

Like emigration, they swarm from the hive
You can see this program, on Channel 5
Blunt and to the point, they don’t mess about
No matter how much, you scream and shout

This program has caused, much debate
Some of praise, but most of hate
Just doing our jobs, the sheriffs claim
It’s not our fault, the debtor’s to blame

So let’s take a look, the daily routine
An outstanding debt, does set the scene
At the house they choose, just to appear
Backed by the courts, they have no fear

They knock the knocker, and doorbell ring
High Court here, a writ we bring
Door handle tried, it opens the door
Step inside, on the hallway floor

Who are you, you can’t come in here
A time so tense, too full of fear
There is much screaming, a breach of the peace
Get out of my house, or I’ll call the police

We made peaceful entry, as the door was unlocked
We’re sorry if you are, right now shocked
But we’re not leaving, as supported by the Court
A peaceful entry, we have sought

In a reassured manner, a voice so calm
We promise you madam, that we mean no harm
We’ve a High Court writ, and we need it paid
Six thousand pounds, I am afraid

In disbelief, she looks at them
With killer eyes, she does condemn
I’ve got no money, leave me alone
You just can’t get, blood from a stone

Now comes the part, which I don’t like
Mind games they play, and try to out-psyche
Clamps on cars, their final trump card
Actions sometimes, are no holds barred

Forget not the victims, to whom the money is owed
Real life sufferers, of the non-payment code
So High Court Enforcement, for provision is right
For those who pursue, their legal right

Now comes the time, where they lose public support
Regardless of whether, they’ve got backing of the Court
The sheer arrogance, with condescending tone
Like savage cannibals, rip flesh from the bone

The way they speak to women, when men are not present
Reminds me of bully, completely unpleasant
Flexing their muscle, with arrogance abound
Calls in to question, their performance all round

Stewart McCracken, along with Elmor Victor
Like dictators, couldn’t be any stricter
Lack of compassion, and frankly quite rude
They very simply, have a bad attitude

Delroy Anglin, of the police their wrath felt
You’d think butter in his mouth, would not melt
But double standards, and dubious past
On suitability, have much doubt cast

Max Carracher, is a likeable lad
But comes across aloof, which is really quite sad
He should reassess, his interview technique
Show more understanding, and less arrogant cheek

Then there’s Bryan O’Shaughnessy, a large man indeed
This is a creature, of a different creed
Likes to throw around weight, pontificate the law
He had the bailiffs, turn up at his door

There are only two, Paul and Steve
Who in moral behaviour, do believe
Be it evictions, or possession of goods
They act with civility, not thugs in hoods

There are always ways, to enforce court orders
From manners to rudeness, no need to cross borders
It’s why the judges, have called into question
Brutal practises, the very suggestion

As I also said, forget not those who are owed
They need their money, before they explode
Debt is a vehicle, for human division
With High Court Enforcement, avoid collision

But this does not escape, from the obvious fact
That some of these agents, their approach smacked
Of heavy-handed tactics, complete lack of respect
Quite simply they could, more passion inject

The Promise We Owed (Respect)
The Maltese Falcon Vol VII

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