May Alliteration.

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

Measure for measure, May is a most memorable month for musing making memories and magnificent melodious melodies. Metaphorically a melliferous month for multitudinous, metrical metonym moments. Meanwhile, Mesembryanthemums, Mayflowers, Marsh Marigolds, , Marguerites, Mahonia and a monstrous mass of mixed Mauve Magnolias, make mercenary merchant monarchs more mellow! Maybe a mix of musty mustard mayonnaise masking malodorous mushroom musk, makes them more munchable?
Meanwhile mousey Madeleine, medical marvel Mabel, Mary, Michael. Martha and mighty midget Matthew, meander and mingle with musical moderators marketing merchandise, whilst mirthful Melissa, Marian and Martin, make moves towards Martinique and Manhattan! Many marshalled military men manipulate machines, and munitions, as mechanics muster and mobilise, to methodically modify and manhandle mysterious masterpieces of masterful Monet!
Meantime, Mohawks, Moors and moonlighting morose marauding Moroccans mass to massacre maniacal mobsters mobbing morons, marking mixed marriages with monotone Mongol moaning.
Maudlin minions mimic mutinous minors, as madcap men, malarking with matronly maidens as moody matrons mince ! Meanwhile, misfortunate malnutritioned miserly miners, munching miserably on measly miniature meringues, make mawkish misogonistic mine managers more miserable. Manly minority master machinists with mettle, master machines to model minarets whilst masterly meddling with metal! Meanwhile matronly madam masseurs, massage minuscule midgets, as marmalade microbic marine microcosms and millipedes mosey to Missouri! Masquerading as monks, maniacs moan mindlessly in monotonous monotone, meeting monthly at monolithic monuments they mouth mendacious maxims to Methodists Ministers and metaphysical and metallurgical members. Masked militant milkmaids and milkmen march in the morning moonlight, to muster migrant midwives for major morning manoeuvers!
My oh my what a month May may be now April is history!

Rhymer. May 17th, 2017.

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