a poem by Drsudarsan Damodar Prasad, India

When love triumphs
When truth emerges
The unquestioned victor
With joyous shouts
When white lies
Assembled as a tissue
Of convenience
Falls on its ugly face
The whole world rejoices!

Every imaginable form of love
Has to part ways, some times
Everything has to be divided
Cars , assets , bank balances
What about the child Goddess
Who is the sole love child ?

Which parent
The child should
Choose to stay ,
Whom shall the child choose ,
The honorable court asks:
Then the child speaks
As if inspired by the Goddess .

" I wanna be cut
Into pieces
The part with my heart
Goes to my mom
My severed head
Should rest in my papa's lap
As it always did
Before it went to sleep !"

The family court erupts
The divorce proceedings
Are dumped as worthless
By a chagrined judge ,
As the couple hang their heads
In shame, ashamed of themselves .

Love triumphs
Egged on by a child of love,
A veritable love Goddess!

This is a pure fantasy and inspired by an incident which might have happened in a family court .

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