Gardening ABCeDarian

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

A gardener is an artisan unique,
Being a special breed, so to speak!
Cultivating plants of all descriptions,
Daring to overcome Nature’s restrictions;
Ever passionate about their chosen delight,
For them, a garden is a hallowed site.
Gardening being regarded their divine right!
Hoping they can motivate and incite
Interested spectators to emulate their art
Justifies their constant toil. They take heart
Knowing they bring order to a wilderness.
Long known for its ability to overcome duress
Makes them glow, for having won the day.
No one can deny a well kept garden has a way
Of soothing the worst, angst ridden soul;
Peace found therein plays an important role.
Quiet immersion in a needed garden chore
Rewards the gardener, who asks for little more.
Some garden work involves hard grafting toil:
Tilling, sowing, hoeing, tending the soil:
Undertakings the ardent gardener enjoys.
Varied and many are the tools he employs
When working. In winter he’ll often prepare
Xmas gift packets full of seeds, he can spare.
Yes, a gardener enjoying his garden chore:
Zestfully engaged, will ask for nothing more!

Rhymer. May 19th, 2017.

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