We all need Blood of Christ

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

They are criminal,
They killed a man,
We are respectable,
We killed our child.

Abortion is not a crime,
Sex determination is a crime,
Abortion after sex determination,
Is truly a punishable crime.

What a beautiful world,
Parents kill their child,
It is permissible,
Aren't we very wild?

Every hand is crimson red,
We all need Blood of Christ,
Criminals we are,
All need His sacrifice.

Note: In this poem, I intend to explain, that law may not consider us criminals, yet we are, you know better. Today the need for Christ is all the more. We need Him to cleanse us, from our sins.

Easter blessings
God's love and spiritual poems
He is my bliss
They pierced me
All my poems
He is my bliss

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