Is it you Lord?

a poem by Elizabeth Grace Shearer, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

O Lord is that your quiet voice I hear
could it be you have you drawn near
That small whisper amongst the roar of voice
could you still love me despite my bad choice

Perhaps I'm mistaken, why should you care?
I let you down but for the cross you did bare
it must be you but you feel so far
but I'll never forget, your skin they did mar

If I reach out, I ask will I find you
but before I can speak I know it to be true
You've wrapped me up in your loving arm
and remind me once more, you bring me no harm

What is that feeling that burns deep within?
What are you doing showing up my sin
Panic sets in, I thought you were safe
I want to trust you but I have little faith

But you took my hand and now I'm not scared
I'm choosing to trust despite feeling unprepared
I have missed you Lord, your voice and your touch
I'm feeling weak but need more than a crutch

I want to do this, start moving forward
i want to no longer live like a coward
The sound of your voice brought it all back
I know walking with you, nothing I lack

So this is it - a true declaration
Not in my strength but through restoration
Keep my eyes on you, don't let me wander
but like Mary let my heart ponder

You are merciful, gracious in every way
I choose to live for you starting today
A carrier of light and a hope to the nations
lets arm ourselves, get to our battle stations

Lord, your will be done in all of my life
May I trust in you whenever in strife
May I recall your goodness in all things
I will keep on praising till my heart sings.

Walking with God
My dear child

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