The brightest star

a poem by Anjani George, India

Shine bright my little star
For none can hold you back
Give the world the best of you
Unfair to you though it has been

Stay blessed my little one
Happy and cheerful always
The little light you emit as you shine
Will show the path for many to follow

Stay the way you are
Never giving up without a fight
Each try you make to shine the best
No trophy worth more than that

My little star, shall I hold you close?
Lest the perils of the constellation take over
But the steel I see in your little being
Tells me to let go so you can soar

Fly high my little one, to touch the skies
The colours, the scars, the size matter no more
Fear not, he’s said; yes, you are in his care
Blessings only, no sympathies please

Never to give up, this promise you must make
This expedition, you will take till the finish
Untiringly pushing your limits, take it from me
Your shine shall always remain brighter than the rest.

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