My soul in it's prison cries

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

Whom should I tell,
What should I say,
All doors are bolted,
By the end of the day.

My soul in it's prison cries,
None can hear it anymore,
I wear another cover,
To hide it all the more.

Burden of Atlas, was hard to bear,
My burden harder still,
The heavier the weight
Of thoughts that kill.

Courageous die once, for all,
I die, again and again,
Pain crops up I bear it,
It makes me hollower and vain.

I am like a smoldering reed,
No hope for me in this land,
His promise shall only deliver,
That's the promise on which I stand.

Note -- The promise is in the Bible that Christ will protect the weak.
This poem was written in 2005 today I look back and thank Him for all His protection.
The poem was full of pain and burden yet, if you see the last line you'll find that the poet doesn't loose hope, as he is dependent on God on whose promise he is waiting.Wait on Him.

Sometimes you realize
Facts of life
A puppy died
A puppy died
All my poems
Sometimes you realize

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