A puppy died

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

A puppy died on the road,
A vehicle crushed him at a time,
How lucky was that puppy,
He was freed from life.

Some puppies get lamed,
Vehicles crush them down,
They live in some more days,
To be crushed down again .

Who is luckier the one who died,
Or the one who was lamed,
Death that comes in one go, or
Death that comes as stalemate.

One more sip I will take,
Once more I'll brave it out,
Till the darkness prevails,
My light shall not go out.

Note: - This poem was written in 2005.
The poet regrets at the life of puppies born on the main road.
Then turns to his own life which too is full of difficulties. Yet a ray of hope is seen in the last paragraph in the last two lines. Lines that change it all.
The scripture proclaims God is the light of my salvation of whom should I be afraid. Yes, dear friends, in time of difficulties, I looked to Him and was not ashamed for He sustained me.

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