a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

Lynched, what a horrible word,
People killing in public,
Infront of all you understand,
No one to question, you understand,

They'll kill you, you will die,
For they know,it better,
That you are at wrong,
Justice now will not take long.

People will stone you in public,
What horrible death you will die,
They picked the stones,
Adulterous women had to die.

First stone should be thrown by sinless,
Christ told ferocious crowed,
One by one all left the place,
On a single soul was found.

Do not take the law in your hands,
He is the final judge,
Your hearts and mind He knows
At last, He will be the judge.

Note:- Infront of Christ, people wanted to stone a woman to death, saying she was caught in the act of adultery, Christ asked them, only the first stone should be thrown by the who has not sinned. All left one by one as their concious was touched.

Please feel free to share your noble views regarding my poem wait for you views.

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