Mosquitoes in trouble

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

Mosquitoes in trouble,
There is threat to their life,
Blood of humans,
Has turned out to be wild.

They are human in form,
Inhuman in deeds,
They have turned out to be cannibal
Too wild to feed.

Mosquitoes are in trouble,
Lest they too may imbibe,
The vices of society,
Which are too wild.

They fear communalism,
May break their backs ,
DDT and insect repellents,
They can simply sack.

Blood has turned,too precious,
No where to be found,
Mostly in humans
Now demons abounds.

Note :- This poem was written on 20th January 1993. Time when Delhi was tense due to communal discord.
I dedicate this poem to my teacher C.P.Singh .
My friend's and I were waiting for him for his lecture at D school of economics. He came, and one of the student said to him about number of animals on the roads. Sir entered the class and said, yes this city has a lot of animals. He had changed the connotation from animals to human nature which also is barbaric. This inspired me to write this poem. Then and there during his lecture.
Enjoy reading.

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