A Promise of Love

a poem by Mariam Gabrielle, United Arab Emirates

As I await your natal day,
I can't help but be happy and gay.
You are the one I've been waiting for.
My precious, my only, my forevermore.

I delight each day I think about you coming.
My heart beats faster and sounds like drumming.
I've longed for so many years about you my angel.
Now it seems my wishes have been heard by the wishing well.

My heart overflows with gladness and love for you.
You brought bliss and it will never again be blue.
You are the sunshine that lights my gloomy day.
The star that twinkle the night sky by the Bay.

How great is the feeling that I have for you my dearest.
It's like I'm standing on top of the mount Everest.
You are the profound meaning of my existence and being a woman.
I will give anything and everything for you that no one else can.

How grateful I am that God has looked upon me.
And I can't be thankful enough than to be good as I should be.
See you soon my lovely and ever charming baby.
The day I see you is the fulfillment of being a mommy.

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