My Worth

a poem by Mariam Gabrielle, United Arab Emirates

When I’m gone, don’t weep.. for I don’t deserve your tears.
I deserve your affection while I am around.

When I’m gone, don’t mourn.. for I can’t comfort you.
I ought to have happy moments with you each day.

When I’m gone, don’t profess your love on my grave.. for I won’t hear it.
I deserve to feel special in every chance you can make.

When I’m gone, don’t grieve.. for life has to go on.
I want you to cherish and appreciate me right now.

When I’m gone, don’t say your life becomes dull.. for it will never glow
I suppose to have colorful and bright days with you.

When I’m gone, don’t feel empty and alone.. for I can’t comeback anymore.
I need you to value my presence all the time.

When I’m gone, my eyes are closed, my heart stops beating.. I won’t feel your pain.
But I’m still here, you can make things change.

You can put the color back in my gloomy eyes, you can put happiness back in my heart
You can lend your hand for me to hold, you can let me know my worth.

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