The bliss of ignorance

a poem by Anjani George, India

Meaningless for once, sounds and words
For none can express the pain of piercing swords
Searing through and plundering ruthlessly
At nooks and corners, driving to the point to lunacy

Hazy and clouded, shrouded with mystery
Searching for symptoms and other registered history
Hysterical but bounded to the pact of secrecy
For there still lies strong hopes of a leniency

The clues, the alibis may be pointers to certainty
These are but a part of the show, faith says blatantly
The magician shall swish his magic wand
As the giveaways vanish with the wave of his hand

Heavy hearted, uneasy the mind and blurred senses
The suffering, the agony to continue in present and future tenses
Dark clouds looming large as the haunted turns prey
To information, uninvited that turns the spirit mighty fray

The tentacles of anxiety sink in, cutting deep
Suffocating, gasping for breath and never again to sleep
Why to suffer this way without any deliverance
For isn’t it better to pave way for the bliss of ignorance

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