Musketeer 79th Challenge. Take II.

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

Circa 1940. A Retrospective View!

The sirens screamed their warnings as bombs fell
city streets were blazing: it was a scene from Hell!
Daily the Nation was gripped, in ever growing fear,
knowing the invading horde was drawing ever near.

Nightly the old, sick and young, shivered - terrified,
and thousands scattered, seeking a safe place to hide!
Sleeping in the Underground, was the haven many sought,
safe from the ongoing terrors of the nightly onslaught!

Though many awoke to see their city ablaze with fire,
they resumed their daily routine. Many would admire
the strength of those women who, at the break of day
would be seen busily clearing the bomb damage away!

Heaped at the street, would be what little remained
of treasured possessions. Women, with fear restrained,
thanks to their indomitable defiance, would chat
with firemen, wardens, and others wearing a steel hat,

as though nothing untoward had taken place!
Being determined not to show fear upon their face,
or allow it to rule their lives, wives and sweethearts
and sisters, were determined to play their part

in defeating the aggressor! Those who worked
in factories targeted by raiders, never once shirked
their duties. Determined to put on a bold display!
When history was later recorded, pundits would say

theirs was the morale strength, history admired!
By facing each day with fortitude, they aspired
to show the Hun their spirit could not be broken!
Such actions, were not bravado but a defiant token

of how they would dismiss and banish ill fate.
By her actions, a woman will emphatically state
to all, “I am invincible, and will never accede
to any man made law, or ill conceived creed

that would force me from my chosen path!”
So beware all who would defy her wrath!
Remember a woman will never be denied,
nor from her retribution can anyone hide!

Rhymer. July 16th, 2017.
(Although this may not resonate with many, it is based upon my personal experiences - yet again - whilst composing it, has given me an idea for a third poem, which is presently under way. Hopefully, my approach to your Challenge, Conrad, will open the minds of others who have had similar experiences of "women at work" and "women at War" and perhaps excite some to write of other situations in which so many women take part! Here's hoping!)

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