You Will Never See

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

You will never see, the Mona Lisa smile
Prison cakes, delivered with file
Raving Lord Sutch, Prime Minister be
Atlantis City, it’s sunk in the sea

The old woman, who lived in a shoe
Night time sky, with moon that’s blue
When ravens leave, the tower that crashes
A phoenix rising, from the ashes

You will never see, the three little pigs
Building houses, from bricks and twigs
Lord Lucan arrive, and murder confess
Deep in the water, the monster at Ness

Bermuda triangle, with its missing ships
A pomegranate, without the pips
On the yellow brick road, the old scarecrow
An arrow fired, without its bow

You will never see, Hansel and Gretel
Or a daffodil, without a petal
Ducks that moo, or cows that quack
Eggs when dropped, that fail to crack

Leprechaun, who likes to joke
An awesome fire, that fails to smoke
A fish that lives, just on dry land
A golden beach, without the sand

You will never see, King Arthur’s table
Or the three wise men, who left the stable
Excalibur’s sword, with its shining blade
Or from Orleans, Joan the maid

Scarecrow or tin man, or the Land of Oz
And let me tell you, this is because
Be it mirth or myth, legend or true
These fables have, on time gone through

Stories like this, help develop the mind
Imagination, a child can find
Also enthuse, and character build
With extra skills, their head is filled

No matter what, you’ll never see
I hope you do, agree with me
Stories tell, with children engage
And then they’ll turn, to the next page

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