Don't throw your pearls

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

Don't throw your pearls,
In front of swine,
I tell you a million-dollar truth,
Or my dear you shall pine.

My experience has taught me,
You just learn from mine,
All words are subject to interpretation,
No thought in humans confine.

They will interpret as they choose,
Refuse my soul all words refuse,
Every word can be used as evidence,
Refuse my soul all words refuse.

They will give meaning to words,
Meanings you never meant,
Hold your tongue oh my soul,
Or they will definitely rant.

Hollow have this one quality,
They see themselves in all,
Refrain my soul from all words,
For none can thee then stall.

World consider advice vain
Facts of life
Every one is lonely
I hide the truth in chocolate drops
Wisdom to rule
World consider advice vain
All my poems
Women are the epitome of strength and love (the 79th challenge)

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