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Ding ding ding!
The bells are ringing,
The courtyard is calm,
It is the arrival of the King;
Arrayed in such an adorning beauty,
Everyone is happy.
A moment of joy,
The ornaments of gold, and of silver,
Sparkling their beauty all around,
With sweet smell of royal fragrance,
The air is filtered.
The singers in their arrays,
Singing with such a soft sweet lovely tone,
The coming in of the queen,
The second arrival.
Her smiles and her beauty is nothing compared,
The time about to be changed,
An ugly moment,
And a third arrival,
It is the coming in of a poor looking man.
Everyone ceased their smiles,
As they gazed on him with so much hate,
You can tell from their look,
As they chant in their hearts,
Crucify him, crucify him.
But the man, the man,
With an unspeakable courage kept advancing,
In his heart, he could only say,
Only the King can judge me.
Looking at him so eagerly,
The King could smile at him,
And bid him come near,
An amazing surprise for all in the courtyard,
The King could ask him,
With such a loving soothing voice,
Who are thou?
As the poor man falls on his knees,
Tears roles down from his eyes,
And he could answer,
With such a humble voice,
A poor forsaking man, from the woods.
Short of words,
The King only could say,
The story today is different,
Be calm, be calm and be on your feet,
A burning hope was offered,
The man could tell to the King,
Your heart is most beautiful,
Even ornaments of gold,
Of silver, of sapphire,
And all manner of precious stones,
Is nothing compared;
Long live the King.
And the courtyard rejoiced,
The singers sang in their most fitting voice,
And the weapon of hate all vanished,
All could smile again.

Note: it is always good to be nice to people at every moment in time; and do not judge nor condemn anyone, you can't tell who will feast with kings and nobles.

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