The Face Off!

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

It is a moment family watchers had dreaded,
when to a showdown, opponents were headed!
Firstly, antagonists had postured and boasted
as to what they’ll do to the other, after a posted
challenge, that was deemed to be a clarion call
to finally settle an outcome, once and for all,
and surely, its lasting effects will not be denied.
Of expected epic proportions, it will decide
the answer to an ongoing crisis as to which
combatant rules the family hierarchy? Like an itch,
the feud has been an irritant for a lengthy time,
and will not be settled by the toss of a dime!
This is a serious showdown, with life altering
consequences. It’s doubtful there’ll be any faltering
from combatants! This fight to the finish, as we expect,
will settle the conflict, and have a long term effect!
Once the controversy is over, we hope peace will reign,
but until then, angry spats break out, again and again,
with neither adversary retreating from their chosen stance!
It’s been a daily routine, that’s akin to a macabre dance,
as smouldering signs, escalate quickly before they flare
into a tussle as to whom occupies the reclining chair!
We4'll be watching with baited breath, this deciding fight,
to see if Rhymer Denis or Cat Blinky establishes that right?

Rhymer. July 29th, 2017.

Written because our cat Blinky,- is always quick to settle herself comfortably in my recliner, and refuses to share without a great deal of protestation!! I don’t always win! Lol!

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