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Another day of your birth is here!
The 6th day of the 8th month of the year,
It is a day to remember,
A day a queen was born,
An epoch of joy.

Even without the ornaments of gold,
And all manner of precious stones,
You are as beautiful as the stars,
Your eyes shines like diamond,
The dulcet tone of your voice,
Sounds so sweet,
So smooth and so clear,
Most soothing,
Most mellifluous.

Thy resplendent look is nothing compared,
Like sunlight across the woods,
Cutting across the thickest part of the woods,
Slicing through the ocean shores,
With its beauty clearly seen on the waters,
So you shine among all called woman.

Thy life is so full of light,
So full of love,
So free of lies,
Each moment with you adds a value to me,
The skies are lighted for you,
It is beautifully arrayed for you,
In celebration of your day,
Only a precious one is that lucky,
You are that precious one,
That special one,
My own dearest friend,
A mother,
A friend,
A teacher,
And a wife.

You are indeed that one special friend,
The queen of my heart,
The bone of my bones,
The flesh of my flesh,
My beautiful morning star,
My rose of Sharon,
With you alone,
There is no zenith,

Note: for my dear wife as she adds one today. Pls do wish her well. Thank you.

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