My brother's game ( The 80th Challenge )

a poem by Westly Alexander Shaw, USA

I'm happy to be a human for the love
of God and man! But I cannot say the
same for my brother, he is just the
opposite of me!

I'm sitting down to write this poem,
and my brother is standing up with
a bird's eye-view of everything.
It ok to be different, not more so
or less so, just different as God made
us to be. And here my poem begins:

If I am big, in my brother's mind he is

I am right handed, he is left handed.

When my brother goes to the dentist and
is asked to bite down on the x-ray, he bites
the dentist fingers instead.

If Mom wants us to eat healthy, my brother
wants a whole can of potatoes chips and
cannot stop at just one.

While walking in the park we both see a
skunk, I see it as black and white, and he
says its white and black. And oh what a

I tell my brother to be quiet so I can write,
he get louder so I cannot think!

I hand him a pencil and notebook and ask
him to write a poem on how happy he is just
like me to be human for the love of God and

He hands the pencil and notebook right back,
and says unlike me he does not believe in God,
he is an Atheist, and is not human. He is an
Alien from another planet, as opposite from me,
as he can be

Here the poem comes to an end, as it unusual for
us to agree on anything. However, I love him anyway!

I'm happy to be human for the love of God and man,
and it's ok as you can see with my brother and me,
to have different opinions or be just the opposite.
God never made two days the same, nor two people!
He gave each of us the freedom of choice and the
consequences both negative and positive, that goes
with that freedom.

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