Glad to be born Human ( 80th Challenge)

a poem by Westly Alexander Shaw, USA

I'm glad to be born human for the love of
God and mankind. To experience the love
and life that it brings in all things and in the

The sweet smell quickly replace the
stale air around a Grandmother 's
hospital bed. The room was so quiet
you could of heard a pin drop.
One small boy no bigger then the bedside
table stood with a huge sun colored rose in
his tiny fingers. The petals of the rose were
as soft as velvet, as he place the rose in his
Grandmother's hand.
It was a symbol of the friendship they shared,
and Grandma's favorite .
No words were needed, everything was said
with a single yellow rose.

What is more touching then to see a mother
cradling a child? It is so beautiful to look and
find a woman of all colors, sizes, shapes, and
religions loving their children. From Russia,
Europe, Canada, United states, China,, Mexico,
Asia, there certain feelings that are the same
throughout cultures, that only God could provide
through a mother.

I stand at the grave of my Grandfather, I never met.
A soldier who won the purple heart in World War
2, and hear somewhere in the background a
trumpet playing, A reminder that this is your day,
and your Father's world, created just for us.
The only boundaries are your own perception's
of potential.
I glanced again at my Grandfather grave stone
that reads: Remember, death is not the end,
but a new beginning. Never lose that little
child's belief in the impossible!

Salty tears formed in my eyes and ran down
my face as if tiny raindrops and rolled off my chin
onto the ground. I think of how God hung on a
cross and died for all of man-kind. How they laughed,
despised, rejected, and crucified Him.
And He said," Father forgive them they don't know
what they are doing!"

That where I stop from any pity party I may be on.
And asked God to stretch our hearts big enough to
forgive others as He has forgiven us. To keep us
strong in Him, and keep us focused on the path before us.
I thank God for being born a human and knowing what
others have meant for evil, He will use it for the good
of all mankind.

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