a poem by Omar Ibrahim Attiyeh, United Arab Emirates

Note: This religious poem has been inspired by a Supplication to God originally
written in Arabic, recently posted on Facebook. Hope you all like and appreciate
it, and share it with your friends and loved ones; Muslims and non-Muslims alike.
Enjoy reading it and have pleasant times.
You may consider this poem as an early gift from me to you all on the happy
occasion of EID AL-AD'HA (FEAST OF THE SACRIFICE), a very important feast
to be celebrated soon by all Muslims throughout the Arab and Muslim World upon
the end of the HAJJ season (Pilgrimage to Makkah) by the beginning of next month,
September 2017 "inshallah" (God Willing).
- With heartfelt regards, greetings and wishes from/ OMAR ATTIYEH.

All praise be to Allah
The Almighty God
All Praise be to Him
Who with His Might
Has enlightened the morning
And to Whose Greatness
All creatures have kneeled down
All Praise be to Allah
Who Has bestowed on us all
The power to thank and
praise Him
For all His countless and bountiful
boons and blessings
And with His Mercy
Has answered all prayers
All praise be to Allah

@@ === @@ ==== @@ ==== @@ === @@ === @@ ==== @@ ==== @@ === @@

OMAR IBRAHIM MOH'D ATTIYEH ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Abu Dhabi --- United Arab Emirates (UAE) -----------------------------------------------------------------------
Sat. 12 Aug. 2017 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
03:30 am UAE TIME ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


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