no resp cookie 80'TH MUSKETEER CHALLENGE :‘HAPPY TO BE BORN A HUMAN ’ # TAKE 3, a poem by Drsudarsan Damodar Prasad, India


a poem by Drsudarsan Damodar Prasad, India

****************************************************************************** THIS LOVELY AND ENDEARING ENGLISH FOLK TALE, WHICH I READ DURING MY CHILDHOOD HAS A STRONG MESSAGE AND A VERY GOOD MORAL : THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING A HUMAN! ******************************************************************************

It was spring time
A heck of a time,
A whale of a time ,
For lovers and poets
Dreamers and dress -makers,
Caterers , gate keepers and waiters,
As even the misers,
Loosened their purse strings .

As the rich in their velvety dresses
Were making a bee line for the dances,
Love was in the air
Joy filled the air,
Along with the notes
Of the festive music .

An old and blind beggar ,
Lean and hungry
Haggard and famished,
Blind as a bat,
Waited out side in the biting cold,
Clanging the coins
In his begging bowl,
Hoping for a kind heart,
A wind fall and a good meal .

" A penny for a poor man
In the name of the Lord,
Oh , my good Samaritans!
Give and the Lord shall fill your coffers !"

Alas ! all that fell on deaf ears,
Of eager lovers
Quickening their paces,
Impatient to reach the dance halls
Till an equally famished poet,
Made his appearance .

" A penny for a poor man ,
My good Sir !".
The poor poet grimaced,
Winced and realized
That he too had not eaten
For days on end .

" I am a poor poet myself !
Have seen
Neither a coin
Nor a morsel of food
For days on end !"

" But I will do something
Which should help you,
To get some coins
And a most welcome meal!"

The poet scribbled something ,
On a piece of paper,
Which the wind flew
To his footsteps,
And pinned it
To the weather beaten-
Torn coat of the poor beggar ,
And walked away, crest fallen and dejected .

Miracle of all miracles !
The clang of ceaseless coins ,
Dropped and dropped,
In a ceaseless stream,
The filled begging bowl,
Made the beggar shiver
In dismay, ecstasy and wonder,
About the sudden windfall :
The overflowing mercy
Of a newly found 'KIND' man !

" Oh, my dear Sirs,
I am blind as a bat
Can you please read it to me,
What the poet wrote
And pinned on my torn coat ?"

" Today is the first day of spring!
And I do not have eyes
To see it ! "

Happy to be born a human
For the love of God and man !

THIS FOLK STORY TELLS BEAUTIFULLY ,WHAT IT MEANS TO BE BORN A HUMAN ! THANKS AND GOOD DAY .Excuse any errors on this hurriedly written poem of a folk story !

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