a poem by Nancy Ellen Crossland, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

Leaves of summer have fallen;
Giving way to those still cloaking the trees
A burnished tone of russet and gold,
Those random loves of summer
That rose to a heated intensity
Cooled now,
Bored and turned away from temporary
Frolic and laughter.
To love in Autumn is like no other season,
The splendor of nature's palette
Dips its artistic brush deeply into one's heart
Such passion and commitment
Right from the start

Ah, to love in Autumn
Where the fragrance of dampened leaves
On the morning mist rises to fill your senses,
Heightened by a new awakening
Shed by drowsy days of summer
A revival ;
A renewal of sorts
Quickening of every heartbeat
Anticipation of every moment shared,
Every word spoken in whispered
Cool breezes
Carried by an autumnal magic
That encases lovers in their own beautiful cocoon,
While gazing at their custom made harvest moon.

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